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The top consulting firms are a great training ground for university graduates and experienced hires alike. You can expect to present to senior business leaders, become an excel whiz, and develop great written and verbal communication skills.


If you want to apply to a job in Consulting, then preparation and practice are key.  Make sure your CV clearly highlights your achievements rather than activities/responsibilities, and that it’s tailored to each firm’s requirements. The top consulting firms tend to provide helpful detail about each stage of their recruitment process, so be sure to read through their websites.

Acing consulting interviews requires practice, practice, practice. In addition to understanding your interpersonal skills and achievements, consulting interviews will test your ability to work through cases. It is never too early to practice cases. Whilst books such as the Vault guide to case interviews are a helpful introduction to case study frameworks and techniques, nothing beats practising with another person. There are free online websites dedicated to helping you find case study partners.  If you are in university, join the consulting club or start your own!  Organisations like SEO London and Rare Recruitment may also be able to give you practice opportunities and training too.


Do not be discouraged if you find cases hard to begin with. Many people invest hours in developing this skill, in preparation for their interview. With practice, you’ll continue to improve.

University Students

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Online Preparation Resources

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