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Engineering offers the prospect of an interesting and rewarding career path given its multi-disciplinary nature. It provides you with a unique opportunity to practically and creatively apply science, maths and technology in an impactful manner. There are a vast range of engineering careers. Your time managed well at university can propel you into your dream job as an Engineer:


  1. Seek to get a rich university experience by striking a good balance between academics and personal interests. Invest time participating in extracurricular activities that demonstrate your diverse capabilities and passions. Getting involved in extracurricular activities will broaden your mind show to prospective employers that you are an interesting person.

  2. Seek to appreciate the value of the modules you are studying and how they relate to industry (i.e. their practical  application). A great way to do this is to schedule conversations with your tutors or mentor to discuss how your current modules relate to what goes on beyond the classroom or reaching out to firms who may be able to connect you to their employees.

  3. Purpose to engage with Industry throughout your degree. Industry exposure could be through doing a year in industry (highly recommended) or formal internship programmes – you can start applying for these opportunities from 1st year. If you are struggling to secure one, why not reach out to smaller firms and ask  if you can spend time getting exposure to the work they do.

  4. Studying Engineering means that your skills will be valuable in the global community in which we you live. Therefore, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there through engaging with Engineering institutions in your local community  as they can offer a variety of support (learning, contacts, knowledge etc..)

University Students

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Pre-University Students

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Bringing Engineering to Life

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