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Career Advice

Corporate Law

Attending Open Days, First Year workshops, firm career presentations or any events that a firm puts on specifically for First Year students is the best way to break into law and to demonstrate real engagement with this career path when applying for Vacation Schemes. Engagement in your first year of university is crucial, and any engagement with law firms pre-university is even better! Vacation Schemes should be applied for in your penultimate year of study, although many are available to final year students. Securing a Vacation Scheme is vital as it is, for many firms, the best opportunity of securing a Training Contract.

Non-Corporate Law​

There are so many different areas within Law and some may seem impenetrable but where there isn't a clear route (such as Insight Days or opportunity to apply for Vacation schemes), it is important you are creative in how you can get exposure. Identifying legal practices that exist in the area you are most interested in is a great start (e.g. Criminal Law, Family Law, Human Rights, Media Law, Public Law etc..). The Lawyer Portal offers practical advice about how to break into different areas of law. Be prepared to do paralegal work and work hard as this could land you a training contract!

University Students

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Pre-University Students

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