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Career Advice

Create a good online portfolio by contributing to open source projects on Github and answering questions on Stack Overflow. They will be looked at by potential employers and if you have a consistent and current level of contributions, you’ll not only be a better coder but you’ll also look better to a recruiter. You don’t need to be a coder to work in tech either. There are lots of roles around software development such as in project management and testing. Get ready for these opportunities by learning about current best practise in methodologies like TDD, Agile and Lean. Finally, as tech is always changing, always ensure you are learning a new technology, language or framework as there is a  strong preference for self-motivated people who enjoy learning new things.

University Students

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Pre-University Students

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Learn to Code

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Jargon Buster

Github:  This is like Dropbox. It's essentially a platform to store your code and the revision history of your work online.

Stackoverflow: This is a website a bit like reddit - people can ask questions and answer questions or solve tricky bits of code posted by others. Stackoverflow gives users points based on the quality and number of contributions and some businesses hire through the job platform attached to the website.

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