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Advice for your Entrepreneurial Journey

Start small - so many young people with great ideas are intimidated by the size of their dreams to the point that they end up doing nothing at all. If you can start small and take a step everyday, before you know it you would have scaled a mountain.

Get mentors - but not in the traditional sense. Find 5-10 entrepreneurs that inspire you in a similar vertical, then absorb all the information they've put out to see how they carved their path. This could be their tweets, blogs, podcasts or even books.


Live like no-one owes you anything . Don’t be plagued with entitlement. If you can build your business free of entitlement , it will push you to work hard and also ensure you're more grateful when you acquire customers.

Organisations you should know about

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Entrpreneur First Thumbanail.png
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GT Scholars - Global Teenpreneur Challen
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