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Do you consider yourself a natural Creative? It’s important that you seek a platform to develop your creative skills as well as build your network in industry.  The Creative industry is extremely broad , so be sure you understand the different areas. However, the following guidelines should put you in good stead for breaking into an area you are interested in:


Build a strong portfolio of at least 5-7 pieces. Keep the pieces aligned with the field you want to go into. It’s easier then to place you for jobs.


If you feel you haven't got enough pieces for a portfolio from education or previous work experience, collaborate with fellow creatives to produce some.


It is tempting to try to be good at everything (multidisciplinary or hybrid)  but it’s best to get really good at your core discipline. Be it illustration, graphic design, art direction or photography, ensure that you have at least one area where you truly shine.

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Grow your network. It really is about who you know in terms of getting opportunities, so spend some time going to events and conferences. Many of them are free and you will build your contact list quickly this way. 

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If you use social media, keep your personal and creative work separate. Employers do look at them when doing research and anything off putting or distasteful can result in you being passed over for opportunities.

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Research companies that you would like to work for. Look at their websites, connect with key individuals on LinkedIn and look at how they develop their creative work. It looks good when you go for interviews and you understand the company, their clients and culture. 


Develop your professional skills. Being able to respond correctly (and quickly) to emails, manage your time well, speak in a professional manner on the phone, design thinking (being able to come up with ideas not taken from social media) and being able to take constructive feedback are all skills that are highly valuable and sought after. They will carry you much further than just being good at what you do.


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Writing & Journalism / PR

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