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where potential meets opportunity.


Opportunity Central promotes career related opportunities and seeks to inspire students from Black and Asian Minoirty Ethnic (BAME) and low socio-economic backgrounds across the U.K. to take ownership of their careers by seizing every opportunity available to them. 

If you are interested in any of the following industries - Creatives, Consulting, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Investment Management, Investment Banking, Law, Medicine and/or Technology check out our Industry Catalogue! The Industry Catalogue offers practical advice from industry professionals as well as details of organisations that exist to support BAME students wishing to break into these industries. This resource is meant to help you strategically navigate career during your time at university. There is also information about what can be done at pre-university level to get exposure.

Our structured leadership programmes support individuals in a practical way using learning, action and accountability to deliver transformative results. 


William Arthur Ward

“Opportunities are like sunrises, if you wait too long, you miss them.”


Many students coast through university without taking advantage of the phenomenal career opportunities on offer but university is a season that needs to be navigated strategically. After all, we are all products of opportunity.

Tracey Abayeta, Founder of Opportunity Central

Read more about the Founder here

Greatness emerges when potential finds opportunity. 

Over the years, several initiatives have been launched to support people from BAME backgrounds breaking into different industries. Some people know about them, many do not. Opportunity Central seeks to make such information accessible to everyone. Our Industry Catalogue covers a broad range of industries and offers practical advice about what university students can be doing now to position themselves for a successful career as well as flagging organisations and opportunities that students and recent graduates should apply to.

Our social media platforms share live opportunities that we encourage you to seize and/or share with your networks!

Research shows that BAME graduates are 2.5x more likely to be unemployed than their white peers which supports the call for BAME students to navigate university strategically by taking advantage of opportunities available to them from an academic and career perspective. 

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